Use of different forms of artificial turf

Release date:2022-08-25 10:48:48    

  In fact, artificial turf belongs to a kind of ground system, and its main components can be divided into many aspects. Artificial turf can be classified according to this point. If it is classified according to the composition of the structure, it can be basically divided into natural artificial turf mixed with grass, artificial turf without sand and artificial turf filled with particles.

  If it is classified according to materials, it mainly includes polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon, so the price of artificial turf will also be affected to a certain extent, so it is particularly important to distinguish the material of artificial turf.

  In fact, the artificial turf without sand filling is relatively rare in China. Because its construction technology is directly imported from abroad, and there are not many people who really master this technology in China. In addition, because the artificial turf without sand filling is basically made of nylon, and the cost of this kind of turf is relatively high, many customers in China are still unwilling to accept it.

  However, it is no longer just a dream to integrate natural turf and artificial turf. At present, such mixed turf has appeared in the market. The grass of this kind of turf is natural, and plastic is used to reinforce it. For example, plastic is used to make a net-shaped bottom for grass growth. By using this method, the characteristics of natural turf and super durability can be well combined.

  The filled particle artificial turf is a common turf system in China, and the development level of the filled particle artificial turf is relatively advanced, so it is also recognized by many users in China. Its filling material is mainly quartz particles. The high service life of this kind of turf system can reach five years. If it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it can also sprinkle some water appropriately, which can prevent athletes from falling.



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