Maintenance of hockey field

Release date:2022-08-25 11:05:51    

  In order to ensure the quality of the ball and the anti-static requirements of the hockey field, the entire field must be sprinkled with water before each game. According to the permeability of the artificial turf, the water content can generally be maintained for about two hours. (The International Music Federation stipulates that after 35 minutes of sprinkling, the average water volume on the surface shall be 3mm, and the water volume at any place shall not be less than 2mm).


  It is forbidden to bring food (except purified water) into the site;

  It is forbidden to directly contact the lawn with chemicals such as oil stain and corrosivity;

  It is forbidden to wear sports shoes with metal nails;

  Prohibit heavy equipment and unnecessary vehicles from entering the site;

  It is forbidden to keep heavy objects on the lawn for a long time;

  It is forbidden to puncture, strike and cut the lawn with sharp tools and hard objects;

  It is not allowed to deliberately overturn the bottom and pull the straw thread and sew the joint;

  In case of less rainfall, the dirt on the grass line can be washed away by manual watering;

  Properly control the use frequency of the site, so as to have enough time to level the filling materials of the site (using special equipment or rake);

  Adhere to cleaning and maintenance once a month, and timely clean the garbage on the site (try to avoid cleaning the site during high temperature periods);

  Frequently check whether there is looseness at the seam and whether there is damage, tear, burning and other phenomena at the bottom. If there is degumming, wear and other problems, repair them in time.



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