Selection and purchase standard of artificial turf on using glue

Release date:2022-08-25 10:44:49    

  The glue for artificial turf is mainly used to bond and connect the cloth in the construction process, and can directly stick the divided turf together. When we select the glue for artificial turf, we should pay attention to the environmental protection, and it can not contain toxic gases, or heavy metals, formaldehyde and other chemicals, in addition to the above relevant contents, The selection of artificial turf glue should also meet the following requirements:


  1、 First of all, waterproof: because most artificial lawns are directly used outdoors, they often encounter extreme weather such as rain and snow, so the glue of artificial lawns must be waterproof;

  2、 The second is cold and high temperature resistance: because in the north, the low temperature can reach 30 to 40 degrees Celsius in winter, while in the south, the high temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius in summer. If it is the surface temperature, it is estimated that it is far more than this high;

  3、 After that, the stickiness is better, and the retention time is relatively long: stickiness is the core technical index for glue, because the service life of artificial turf is 6-10 years, so the glue used must exceed this period in the corresponding period of validity.

  If the artificial turf glue we choose is unqualified, serious cracking, degumming and edge warping will occur during the use of the artificial turf. If it is serious, it will also lead to the corrosion of the base cloth of the artificial turf. In this case, it will not only affect the construction quality of the entire artificial turf, but also affect the activities of the athletes. In the later stage, it is necessary to repair and maintain it repeatedly, It will certainly affect the daily use of the whole artificial turf.



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