Turn over and scrub the artificial turf regularly

Release date:2022-08-25 10:47:35    

  After the artificial turf is laid and put into use, it needs to be turned over and scrubbed regularly. The main content is cleaning and mopping, and the sponge mat or sponge bag in the artificial turf can be turned over, or the part covered by the turf can be turned over directly. The main purpose is to extend its service life.


  1、 Regular cleaning of artificial turf:

  Every day, the artificial turf needs to be vacuumed, and the ground needs to be thoroughly cleaned, or wiped with a non-dripping cloth. If the weather is dry, the number of scrubbing can be appropriately increased to ensure that the air inside the venue has sufficient humidity.

  The floor of artificial turf must be provided with ventilation holes and good ventilation of expansion joints. The location where sports equipment is installed should also be cleaned to prevent any blockage. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. If the smoke and dust situation is serious, it will lead to local mildew of artificial turf.

  2、 Cleaning of artificial turf floor:

  Because the artificial turf is directly laid on the floor, it is not only wear-resistant but also not astringent, so it is more suitable for sports, but is afraid of water and dust. Therefore, regular cleaning is very necessary. Moreover, if there is no competition, it should also be cleaned once a day, before and after the competition.

  3、 Cleaning of artificial turf sponge pad:

  In the artificial turf, the sponge mat should be sunned once every season to prevent moisture from eroding the floor and equipment. If it is directly attached to the floor, regular sunning is essential, which plays a vital role in the anti-corrosion of the artificial turf.

  On the eve of the competition, the artificial turf can be properly coated with anti-skid oil, and the anti-skid oil can be directly sprayed on the mop, and the mop can be used to wipe the floor of the whole lawn. If conditions permit, kerosene can be applied first and then anti-skid oil can be applied, and the amount of anti-skid oil can be determined according to the site conditions.



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