Detailed explanation of artificial turf

Release date:2022-08-25 09:39:02    

       Artificial turf is a kind of synthetic fiber in the shape of grass leaf, which is embedded in the woven base cloth. The back is coated with a fixed coating to make artificial turf on the playground, garden floor and green ground.

  Its raw materials are mainly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), but also polyvinyl chloride and polyamide. The leaves are green like natural grass and need to be added with ultraviolet absorbent. Polyethylene (PE): It has a softer feel, and its appearance and sports performance are closer to natural grass, which is widely accepted by users. Polypropylene (PP) is the raw material of man-made grass fiber widely used in the market at present. The grass fiber is hard and generally suitable for tennis court, playground, runway or decoration. The abrasion resistance is slightly worse than that of polyethylene nylon (Nylon): it is the original raw material of artificial grass fiber, and belongs to the substitute of artificial grass fiber

  The material structure artificial turf is composed of three layers of materials. The foundation layer is composed of compacted soil layer, gravel layer and asphalt or concrete layer. The foundation layer is required to be solid, not deformed, and the surface is smooth and waterproof, that is, general concrete site. Due to the large area of the hockey field, the foundation layer must be properly treated during construction to prevent subsidence. If the concrete layer is paved, the expansion joint shall be cut after the concrete is solidified to prevent thermal expansion deformation and cracks. Above the base layer is a buffer layer, usually composed of rubber or foam plastic. The rubber elasticity is moderate, and the thickness is 3~5mm. The cost of foam plastic is low, but the elasticity is poor, the thickness is 5-10mm, and the thick lawn is too soft and easy to sag; Too thin and inelastic to play a cushioning role. The buffer layer shall be firmly pasted on the base layer, generally with white latex or all-purpose adhesive. The third layer, also the surface layer, is the turf layer. According to the surface shape of the manufacturing, there are fluffy turf, circular curly nylon silk turf, leafy polypropylene fiber turf, permeable turf made of nylon silk, etc. This layer must also be glued to rubber or foam plastic with latex. During construction, it must be fully coated with glue and pressed firmly in order without wrinkling. In foreign countries, there are two common types of turf layer: 1. The leafy fiber of turf layer is relatively thin, only 1.2~1.5mm; 2. The turf fiber is thick, 20~24mm, and it is filled with quartz almost to the top of the fiber.



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