Construction operation method of artificial turf surface basketball court

Release date:2022-08-25 09:56:48    

  There are asphalt concrete and cement concrete for the base of artificial turf basketball court. Construction of basketball court: It is important to control the drainage direction and the leveling of the court without unevenness. During construction, 5mx5m square grid can be used for control (manual paving of asphalt concrete), or during cement concrete construction, the elevation of formwork shall be erected and controlled by formwork.

  When constructing the surface layer of artificial turf, the artificial grass with the length of grass seedlings of 11~12mm should be selected first, and the artificial grass with the length of more than 30mm should not be selected. The artificial grass with short grass seedlings need not be filled with sand and black rubber particles after paving. However, the installation of artificial turf needs professional personnel and special equipment. The artificial grass is supplied in a whole roll and cut according to the size of the site. The lawn paving interface should use a special interface belt and be glued. The width of the interface belt is 20~30cm, that is, there should be no less than 10~15cm interface belt on both sides of the joint. The lawn joint of the short grass seedling should not be connected by mechanical sewing to prevent the joint from protruding. The distance between the points is 50cm. After paving, it can be rolled manually for 1~2 times, Make joints and bonding points stick.

  The time and temperature of artificial turf paving have a great relationship. Paving when the temperature is too low will cause swelling when the temperature is too hot in summer. The construction season, time and temperature should be selected under normal temperature.



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