How to fill and scatter quartz sand and particles in artificial turf

Release date:2022-08-25 09:58:10    

  After the artificial turf is paved, the boundary line and other marking lines are also completed. At this time, the whole site needs to be inspected to see if there are any missing seams, seams, and bumps. After confirming that it is flat, the sanding process can be carried out.

  Sanding can be carried out manually or automatically by machinery. Sanding should be carried out several times. It is not allowed to spread sand too much at one time. It is mainly to prevent the sand from being too thick and press the grass seedlings under the sand to form the phenomenon of falling seedlings. The direction of each sanding is different, the direction is required to change back and forth, and the area of each sanding is also required to be different. The requirements should not overlap, and the positions should be staggered, generally not less than four times. For example, in the football field, the sand should go one time in the rectangular direction, and one time in the short direction, and the thickness of each sanding is about 5~10mm. Sanding in the front and raking in the rear are used to rake the grass once. The main function is to erect the grass seedlings that are crushed by the sand, rake the sand on the grass seedlings between the grass seedlings, and make the sand naturally straighten the grass seedlings, see Figure 2.2.15. The tools for raking grass should preferably be round head bamboo harrow, can also be used to weave wide bamboo harrow, can also be used to weave thick wire mesh harrow, no matter what kind of harrow is used to rake grass with sharp things, to prevent the grass seedlings from tearing and tearing.

  After sanding and raking, check in time. For grass seedlings that are not upright, use small artificial bamboo rakes to gently straighten the grass seedlings.

  Sanding starts at one end, spreads sand to the other end of the site, and then returns. Each time, it needs to be staggered about 1m wide, and spreads sand to the other end. The third time, it should be changed by 90. The direction shall be carried out, and the fourth time shall be returned, so as to crisscross horizontally and vertically, and the grass seedlings shall be straightened with sanding, inspection, repair, and straightening until all operations are completed. At last, a full-site inspection shall be carried out to check whether there are fallen seedlings, and whether there is any missed sanding place, and the sanding thickness shall meet the design requirements. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to rework too thick.

  How to fill and spread black rubber particles in artificial turf

  After the quartz sand is filled and scattered, the black rubber particles can be filled and scattered. The thin and thick filling and scattering of the black rubber particles is related to the use effect of the whole football field. Because the black rubber particles are too thick, the athlete's foot feeling is too soft, the skills of running and jumping can not be played, and even the foot injury occurs. However, if the black rubber particles are too thin or there is no black rubber particles, it is more likely to cause muscle damage to the athlete's feet; When you fall to the ground in a big action, it is more likely to cause skin abrasion.

  Before filling and spreading of black rubber particles, first check again the filling and spreading of quartz sand in the whole field, and trim the inverted seedlings and lack of sand. After confirming the leveling, the filling and spreading of black rubber particles can be started. The starting point of spreading should be from the sideline of one side of the site, from one end to the other end. After filling and spreading in the whole field, change the direction of spreading, perpendicular to the direction of the first time, and carry out the second filling and spreading. With the filling and spreading operation, the bamboo harrow is used to rake the grass to make the grass seedlings stand upright, so that the black rubber particles are evenly filled in the grass seedlings, and the grass seedlings are exposed for 1~1.2cm.

  The equipment for filling and spreading black rubber particles can be mechanically filled and spread, with good effect and uniform thickness. Artificial spreading can also be used, but the effect is worse. The thickness of the black rubber particles should meet the design requirements, generally 1 cm thick is better.



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